Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SAICFF Trailer

The SAICFF trailer rules: "A 30-second to 2-minute promotional piece advertising the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Submissions can be animated shorts, live-action, spoofs, or any other appropriate approach."

You can VIEW THE TRAILER from my website. Please don't forget to come back...I would REALLY like to hear your feedback and comments/critiques about the trailer. You can also see the trailer on Doug's Blog.

I do want to give special thanks to...
- the Morris brothers for composing the music (and putting up with my requests for little changes)
- MusicBeyond for a good deal on sound FX
- the many people who gave me their critique
- Vision Forum for permission to use their promo video
- and the filmmakers who gave me permission to feature their films!!


Matt said...

Awesome trailer! Makes me want to go. :-) The Morris brothers composed the music but who played it? It sounded great!

John-Clay said...

Glad you like it!

They actually used the Vienna sound samples to "play" the music.

Matt said...

So is it sort of like MIDI but better?

kay said...

Cool!! I watched those today and one of them I saw and thought to myself "My, this looks like it has JC written on it!" Whadda ya know!! LOL :D Great job! :D

Brian said...

Outstanding job sir! Best one yet in my opinon. And I agree with kay that it has that JC signature on it. Great stuff.


John-Clay said...

Yes, its uses MIDI. I'm not exactly sure how, the Morris' would be better at answering that question. :)