Monday, July 14, 2008

New ReelCast Video

While sitting on the side of the road, stranded in Nevada, I decided to whip out my camera and shoot something fun while we were waiting. The result....a 30 commercial that has been titled "Stranded!"

This video was not planned, was shot on the fly and was shot in under 20 minutes.

To see the video, 'click here' - comments are welcome! :)

If you are on broadband internet speeds, please go to my website to view a smaller version of the video.


Kay p said...

That's hilarious!

You always do such good work, JC.

Tell C he did swell, too! :D

The Movie Maker said...

Wow, craft should buy that one, really good. I love Ranch too!

R. Ramsey said...

Looks Beautiful. Hope the Ranch stays cool.

Ashley said...

Good job! I like it! I love the sun rays in the last scene. Ranch is always good. :)