Saturday, May 24, 2008


Praise the Lord, I made it home! It's great to be with the family again!

The Thursday night shooting ended up being rescheduled to next week due to several people not feeling well and also technical difficulties...not to mention that it ended up being REALLY cold that night. Everyone was rather exhausted. It's still a great set, I'm looking forward to seeing the resulting scene from that location.

Here are some pictures as promised. These pictures were taken by set photographers Shannon and Sarah.

A precarious position.

This is what you use when desperate for something to disperse the fog. They worked so well that any item used to disperse fog is now called a pizza box :)

Ethan (DP) - Chad (Director/actor) - Me (second Camera, editor, grip, PA, anything else they need done) :p

A few of the team after a night shoot.
Me, Aaron (Artos), Chad, Ethan, Dustin (Ethan's bro), David Thompson (crew)
Rebecca (Artos' sister), Mrs Burns (Artos' mom - but actually Chad's mom)

Fun scene...need I say more?

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JWP said...

Cool! Looks like you had fun! Looking forward to seeing it.