Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The “Best Biblical Family” Award went to
Joel’s Journey, a thirty-three minute documentary that explores the real-life health crisis that Morris family experienced when doctors insisted on removing life support from their ailing son.

“We wanted to make a thought-provoking film that caused people to think hard about life and death issues — to value the sanctity of life and consider complicated medical questions biblically,” noted John-Clay Burnett, the 21-year-old producer and director of Joel’s Journey. “In winning this award, our biggest hope is that the message gets out — that when families face medical emergencies, they will have hope and know how to respond.”

What others are saying about Joel's Journey:

"I pray that many more people will see Joel's Journey and be encouraged like I was."

"[Joel’s Journey] was the most loving video I have ever seen. It shows your love for your family, and your love for the Lord."

"Joel has touched our family's life in so many ways."

"I found this film to be God honoring, theologically sound, and professional. Every father, mother, son, and daughter should watch Joel's Journey."

DVDs will be available soon!

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